Finding The Right Liposuction Alternative For You - 5 Excellent Options

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Why get ordinary lipo when you can choose a safe and effective liposuction alternative? Lipo has been around for decades, and these methods are the latest thing in making it as effective and pain-free as possible. These alternatives are methods that, like lipo, target areas of fat in the body and selectively remove it.


Thermage is a non-surgical liposuction alternative. It uses a heated later to melt away unwanted fat, and this process makes your collagen tighten. This is a wonderful technique not only for the usual trouble spots that lipo treats, but also for areas like the face. In fact, it's also an alternative used for those who want to look younger but don't want to get a face lift. It's painless and effective.

Slim Lipo

This is another laser liposuction alternative and it's one of the newest. It uses a selected wavelength that melts fat extremely quickly. Another benefit of this technique is that it cuts down on bleeding and bruising. These are common side effects of lipo. It also helps to tighten the deep later of skin called the dermis that controls skin tightening. This is a great option that's very fast, getting you back to your routine within around 24 hours.


Mesotherapy is a liposuction alternative that has been used for decades in Europe. Its effects vary a lot from one patient to another, but the results can often be quite dramatic. The idea is to inject target areas with small injections of traditional homeopathic medicines. These include amino acids, minerals and vitamins as well. Tiny "bullets" of these materials are injected straight into the middle layer of skin called the mesoderm. This is a wonderful treatment that's all-natural as well.

VASER Liposuction

VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. All of this is a complex way of saying that it uses ultrasonic sound waves to liquefy the fat, which is then extracted from the body. All of the surrounding tissue stays intact and this method is painless. It offers the quickest and easiest recovery of any method and patients can usually walk out of the clinic and get straight back to their daily routine.


Lipodissolve is the latest treatment in the lipo world. It uses injections of a chemical mixture directly into the fat tissue, where it breaks down and dissolves the fat. Although not yet approved by the FDA, many clinics use this treatment and studies have shown that there is a very low risk of side effects.

When you're looking into trying a liposuction alternative, it's important to have realistic expectations going into it. Make sure you fully understand what it can and can't do for you. Like lipo, these alternatives do not offer a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. They can't help a person who is obese slim down. They are used only to target areas of fatty build-up. Furthermore, each method does carry certain risks. Nothing is completely safe. Your doctor can consider these options with you and help you decide which would be best for achieving your fat melting goals. They can also tell you what you should expect as far as risks and side effects.
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Finding The Right Liposuction Alternative For You - 5 Excellent Options

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This article was published on 2011/04/19