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Laser liposuction has come to Lowell and has been wholeheartedly welcomed by all those who have had a tough time getting rid of excess body fat. The credit for the new breakthrough in laser assisted lipolysis goes to Cynosure which has introduced SmartLipo MPX a dual wavelength (1064 nm and the 1320 nm) modality that is capable of dissipating fat from various parts of the body in a safe and effective manner.

Lipolysis for Fat Prone Regions

Plastic surgeons can make use of the compact handheld device to target fat lying in varying depths under the skin. The liquefied fat is extracted instantaneously using a suction device.

SmartLipo MPX is FDA approved and the procedure is all the more safe if provided by board certified plastic surgeons. They are skilled to extract fat without exceeding the safe limits and at the same time can successfully help the patient achieve a smooth and firm body contour. The laser technology also induces tissue coagulation and skin tightening.

The procedure with the advantage of precision based targeting can get rid of localized fat deposits that appear prominent in the following parts of the body:

.Upper arms
.Love handles
.Saddle bags

Patients are administered local anesthesia so that they hardly feel any pain or discomfort. They remain awake during the procedure and
can return home the same day. Moreover, as a patient-friendly procedure, laser liposuction is not associated with any side effects or adverse reactions. Patients are able to resume work in just a few days and best of all, there are practically no signs of surgical intervention on their body.

Attain a Slim and Beautiful Body

Laser liposuction in Lowell can help qualifying patients attain a slim and beautiful body. With this technology people dont have to be concerned about fat pockets not relenting to strenuous workouts even after spending valuable time and money in gyms. Highly qualified plastic surgeons here have the required experience and training in using the modality and ensure realistic body contouring results for their patients.
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Laser Liposuction In Lowell

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This article was published on 2010/11/08