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We all know that pizza, burgers, french fries etc. are mouth watering but they considerably add up calories on your body. If you regularly intake this sort of food, remember that you will be put on extra pounds to your body and then you have to work hard by exercising to reduce this surplus weight. These extra pounds have a great impact on arms, tummy and bum. A lot of men and women complain about the surplus fat in the arm as it is unsightly. Generally, this arm fat dilemma is more faced by women rather than the men and so this article will focus more on the female perspective. Always remember there are numerous similar exercises which can be carried out by both men and women. Studies have shown that for a good outcome of weight loss, we must change our eating habits so that we eat less food overall but at the same take eat more healthily. Do not overlook the fact that if you are only exercising and not including your diet plan, you will not find an optimistic result and it will take you much longer to reach your target. In order for an efficient loss of arm fat you should try and increase your metabolism.

Right Food Consumption Pattern

This may be hard to believe but do remember that the food you eat, effects on your entire body and not just on your fat storage areas.

The best diet plan consists of 6 small meals per day, plus your regular intake of multivitamins and supplementary proteins, will get you in the right direction. In addition remember that if you set a lot of time between the meals then you will find it hard not to grab the nearest thing you can to eat. To feed your body in every three hours regularly is vital if you want to avoid hunger pangs and portion sizes that are of a small amount the size of your fist, this avoid excess food being turned to fat.

Target those flabby arms.

It is necessary to remember that you should not focus a single part of your body such as your belly, arms, bum or pecks, in fact it is extremely unlikely since any work out you perform there are other muscle sets that contribute to the lifting of the weight  you are holding. Unless you have a sniper rifle, do not try to target a specific muscle. That was a joke by the way.

We are aware that our arm is built up of the triceps and the biceps plus with some other goodies around it. There are many different work outs that assist you to reduce the arm fat and they all, work more than just the bicep or the triceps, Besides if all these exercise are done in the right way, they work out both the biceps and triceps. You could do the bicep curls (like a dumbbell curl, EZ-bar preacher, machine curl, barbell curl etc), for working out the biceps.  

For triceps there are a lot of different options which you can do, like the close grip bench press, the straight bar press down, the dumbbell extension, the machine dip, the bench dip and many more. So if you commit to selecting a well planned exercise plan along with a diet plan and a good cardio exercise, you would be on the correct track to losing all that arm fat. In any case it's up to you to get up and commit to action.

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Lose Arm Fat

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This article was published on 2010/04/01