Lose Your Gut and Start Defining Those Abs

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Take it from me it is harder to get rid of stomach fat then it is to maintain defined abs. So the longer you wait to get started the harder it will be. In gyms, playing fields, bathroom scales, and bathroom mirrors we are constantly being measured and measuring ourselves. Do you every imagine how many fat cells your carrying. The Average American has about 30 billion fat cells; yes its nasty when you think that each and every one of those fat cells is filled with a greasy substance called lipids. That's right when you pack down all those doughnuts, candy bars, corn chips, and cake you are fueling those cells. They can expanded up to a 1000 times their normal size. That is where the problem lays a fat cell can only get so big, so when it reaches its limit it sort of has a baby to offset some of the fat. That's right those fat cells start to multiply and once you have a fat cell you're stuck with it. Stop fueling those fat cells it's going to get harder and harder to lose those lipids inside them.

Most people store fat in their bellies, at least for some people that's where it starts. For me that never was a problem, I always seemed to be able to hide it better under my shirt. There is however only so much you can hide, but there are dangers of excess weight around your stomach area. Abdominal fat doesn't just sit there and do nothing why it's down there. These fat cells can start releasing substances that can be harmful to your body in many ways. Such as impairing your ability to break down the hormone insulin which can cause diabetes. This fat can also increase your chance of a heart attacks, stokes, or high blood pressure if you are a bit older. Abdominal fat can be a cause for a lot of health problems, you might start putting too much strain on you back or start having other problem with any number of organs. That's why belly fat can't go ignored!

I found a great E-book that shows you everything from what to eat, how to excise, and what not to do in order to keep from having these problems. It also shows you how to create and define a nice six-pack. It includes a 21 day risk free trial and it also has a 60 day money back guarantee.

To learn more about the Truth to Six Pack Abs check out my lens. Learn how it has only taken me a month to lose my gut and start gaining some nice abs.

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Lose Your Gut and Start Defining Those Abs

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This article was published on 2010/03/29